Making MIXs
A new, simpler way to Make MIXs!
What Is A MIX?
A maximum of 8 people who do an activity
or go to an event, together.

From going to see Barcelona play Paris at the stadium, to doing a drawing activity at a local cafe, the MIX Theme is up to the imagination.
MIX = Mutual Interest eXchange
Partcipants are either a: Native, Local or Traveler. There can't be more than 4 people from any one of those three catagories.
Located In A Public Space
Parks, cultural/social centers, concert halls, sports stadiums, hostels, colleges/universities, etc.
Organized by Moderators (Mods)
As consious communicators & active listeners, (Mods) act as the leading participant of a MIX Activity, focused on a healthy eXchange.
How To Be A Moderator
Find An Event or Choose An Activity to Organize
Make sure it's something YOU like to do!
Fill Out Our Form
We will write the MIX for you, post it on Facebook & MeetUp & send you a copy.
Post The MIX On Couchsurfing
Just copy the MIX Description we send you, and paste it into a new CouchSurfing event.
Day Of The MIX
Plan to be at your MIX Meeting Spot 15 minutes BEFORE your MIX Starts.

Moderate the Intro-X: Help with language and cultural barriers.

Have Fun!
Close The MIX
Thank everyone for coming, and ask them to share the MIX Movement for Culture X!
MIX Your Hobbies!
When choosing an activity to do, or an event to go to, make sure it's something that YOU like, not what you think people will like!
When you have decided an activity or event, date & time,
just fill out THE FORM.
After Filling Out THE FORM

We will write the MIX Description for you, we'll make the Facebook & MeetUp event pages, and make a cool Event Photo, too!

After, we will send you a simple
"Copy & Paste" message. You just go to Couchsurfing, and paste the information and attach the event photo, easy!
Make A MIX Form:
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Why Couchsurfing?
To build MIX Movement's community as quickly as possible, it's important we connect with like-minded people, first! Couchsurfers are *generally* open minded people who are looking for events and multicultural activities to do.
How To Moderator The "Intro-X"
1. After everyone has arrived, just tell them "Let's do the Intro-X! It's a simple ice-breaker, I'll start, OK?!"
2. Say your name, and say thank you to everyone for coming. You don't have to explain MIX Movement, no problem! Just tell people why you like the theme of this MIX "I love photography, I've been doing it fo X amount of years and I feel like it's a great way to get to know a new city!" What about you!

Then go around the group and ask the people what they like about the day's event or activity. THEN

Come prepared with at least 2 questions that connect the participants with a previous feeling while doing a similar activity or going to a similar event.

For example:
What's your earliest childhood memory of **********
When's the last time you saw a ******* which moved you?

This is where the participants can build a connection with each other on a much deeper level. People are able to connect based off of previous experiences. It's OK to ask everyone the same question, just try it!
How To "Close The MIX"
"Thank you everyone for coming to my MIX! It's so important to connect cultures, and our hobbies are the best way to do that! So, please stay connected with the MIX Movement, maybe even organize your own MIX! I will leave a comment on Couchsurfing, Facbeook & MeetUP with a link today's group photo. There, you can find more info about MIX Movement!"
My Question Isn't Here!
We're crazy fast at getting back to people with questions, and we need to have this Q&A area get bigger! Please send us a message to with your questions, comments & critiques!
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