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Why Mods MIX:
We all have such great traits and skills that we can bring to the table, part of what is so exciting, is to watch as these things reveal themselves!
MIXing Berlin
I love traveling, and when I do not travel...I like to talk about traveling! I am happy to participate and to make a connection between different people and cultures.
MIXing Amsterdam
I'm always excited to make connections with other people who I can learn from about the world we all share. I especially love that with this we have an opportunity to make travel more impactful and sustainable by giving both locals and travelers an opportunity to engage with each other.
MIXing Porto
By traveling we understand that "we're all the same" is not a cliche... there is but one family under the sky. Not everyone has the possibility to travel. So with MIX Movement we can bring the "travel" to those people. We travel not to see another mountain or building but to know other cultures.
MIXing Lisbon
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